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The Edmonton Chapter thanks all for the support to make Edmonton 2006 a success. See you all in Hong Kong year 2007 for the next Global Reunion.
orchestral version of our school song, commissioned by
Andrew Mok MD and the Cohort of 1965. For more details ...

Our Warm Welcome to the World ...

Dear LaSallians:

I am extremely proud to announce that the Edmonton Chapter will host the La Salle Old Boys¡¦ World Conference and Soccer Tournament from August 4th to 7th, 2006 in Edmonton. On behalf of our Chapter, I cordially invite all LaSallians and their families to attend this fraternal event.

In this gathering, our Chapter is determined and committed to:
  1. bring together old boys from different regions
  2. unite old boys from all ages and different graduation years
  3. bring harmony and bonding of all generations
To reflect the true meaning and objective of this gathering, we are pleased to name this fraternal event as

La Salle College Old Boys' Global Reunion - Edmonton 2006.

Our success of hosting this fraternal event is totally relying on your steadfast support.

Hope to see you all in 2006!

Faithfully in DLS,

Mike Kwong (67)
Immediate Past President
Edmonton Chapter
What's new

November 6, 2006:

With permissions from the topic leaders, power-point files of the three topic discussions presented in Edmonton 2006, with discussion summaries, are now available for viewing. Please note that these files are password protected against accidental deletion. Please click "read only" to open the selected file.

  1. Conference Future [40 KB]
  2. Global Mentoring [5.2 MB]
  3. Heritage Program [1.2 MB]

October 29, 2006:

The following video clips, taken during the Global Reunion, are now available for your viewing. Please note that these are not of professional quality.

  1. La Salle Global Reunion Cup 2006 Horse Race [4:28]
  2. Key Note Speech by Brother Thomas during Reunion Night [14:41]
  3. Speech by Brother Thomas, recorded by John Leung (78) [14:32]
  4. 5th North American Cup Soccer Tournament Prizing Giving [4:05]
  5. Addresses by representatives of the visiting chapters [12:13]
  6. Souvenir Presentations during Reunion Night [7:15]

Let's All Have Fun ...

Dear LaSallians:

While we are committed to bring old boys from all generations and different regions together for fun, we want your family to have fun too.

One of the objectives of setting up this site is to provide as much information as possible so that you can attend the reunion while having a vacation trip with your love ones.

Please visit the site map to see what is made available in this site for you.

Also, don't forget to sign the guestbook giving feedback to help us improve.

Hope to see you all in Edmonton!

Calvin Chan (71)
Event Coordinator,
Edmonton Chapter

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